• Fast Hard Drive Restores
    In case of system failure, we can restore faster from hard drives. Fast Hard Drive Restores
  • Onsite Backup
    We’ll install all the hardware and software on your own premises so you can back up on-site Onsite Backup
  • Monitored Hardware
    Stop relying on employees to remember to change tapes or check backups. Monitored Hardware
  • Online Backups
    Send your data through the web to our secure backup vaults Online Backups
  • Military Grade Encryption
    Military grade 128-bit/256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) Military Grade Encryption
  • Multiple Servers
    Geographically Separate Redundant Servers Multiple Servers

We provide backups services specifically tailored to your need but these are split into two major categories:

- Online Backup - Your systems are backed up directly to our servers across the Internet and then those backups are themselves replicated to another backup server.

- Onsite Backup - Your systems utilise your own onsite backup appliance initially and then this is optionally replicated offsite to a second location of your choosing (including our Internet storage servers).

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